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Couzin’s uses a specially designed machine that applies oscillating-agitation to remove dirt, dust and debris. These particulates can cut and wear-away at rug fibres if they are not removed professionally. Ineffective water extraction methods leave soap residue in your rug, which collects new dirt like a magnet. At Couzin’s our equipment washes your rug, at a controlled water temperature and all detergents and dirt are thoroughly rinsed from your rug.

All remaining water is removed to facilitate quick drying, which promotes a softer finish. When the drying process is over, the rugs are dry-vacuumed again to fully restore softness to the rug. We groom every rug by setting the pile in the proper direction and gently combing the rug fringe out straight so it dries that way. All rugs are subjected to a final inspection.

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